2019 Asian Cup team rankings Asia’s first brother Sun Xingmin worth 50 million euros
The expansion of the Asian Cup has led to uneven team levels. Among the 24 teams, the total value of India and Oman is only more than 1 million euros, and the lowest value of the Vietnamese players is only 17.50,000 euros, only 285/1 worth of Sun Xingming.The total value of the Chinese team is 15.8 million euros. Considering the transfer fee of millions of RMB for the local players of the Chinese Super League, the value of the Chinese players looks artificially high.The most valuable player in the current Asian Cup of the national football team is Sun Xingming. An Asian brother has outstanding performance in the Premier League this season. He scored 8 goals and 5 assists in 11 games. His value is rising and the current value has reached 50 million euros.More valuable than the 21 teams in the Asian Cup.Most of Wu Lei’s top Asian players are in the Premier League. Except for Sun Xingming, the Iranian winger Jahanhan Bakhsh of Brighton is worth 18 million euros; Muto Kaji and Ji Chengyong of Newcastle are worth 1,000 respectivelyTen million euros and six million euros; Australia’s most valuable player Mui (14 million euros) also missed the Asian Cup due to injury.Among the Asian foreign aid of the Chinese Super League, Ahmedov, who played for Shanghai Port, has also reached a value of 6 million euros.Interestingly, Kagawa Shinji, the core of Japan’s midfielder who participated in the 2018 Russia World Cup, was not selected for the Japanese team’s roster. His worth is 8 million euros.  The most valuable player of the Chinese team is Wu Lei, with only 2 million euros; Zhang Yuning, who plays for the Netherlands Club of The Hague, is worth 150 yuan, and other Chinese players have not reached 1 million euros.The year is approaching, and I hope that the boys of the Chinese team will kick out their own characteristics.