The national football offensive is inefficient, it is not surprising that the Philippines was tied for the first time in history
In the 76th minute, Yang Xu missed the shot and was then replaced.In the fourth round of the World Cup Asian Finals tonight, which ended tonight, the national football team’s 35-footer shot to no avail, and was eventually tied 0-0 by the Philippines. It was the first time in history that it failed to defeat its opponent.This game is the seventh match in the history of the two teams in China and the Philippines. The six matches in the national football team have won, scoring 31 goals and only 1 goal.Among them, the biggest score victory occurred in the Asian Cup qualifiers in 2000, when the national football team beat their opponents 8-0.This game is the first time in the history of the national football team to draw with the Philippines.This is the third match between the two teams this year.In the early Asian Cup, the national football team won 3-0. In the warm-up match in early June, the national football team won 2-0.But reviewing the course of the game, we can find that the strength of the Philippines has been going uphill.From 0 to 3 to 0 to 2, the Philippines finally achieved the first zero seal against the national football tonight.Contrary to the Philippine sturdy iron barrel formation, it is an inefficient attack by the national football team.The game’s technical statistics show that the national football team has shot 35 shots, but the number of positive shots is only 14 feet. The Philippines has 8 shots and 4 hits.In terms of the degree of offensive threat, the Philippines does not lose to the national football team.The offensive inefficiency of the national football team is also reflected in the comparison of the possession rate and the number of corners.The national football team’s total ball control rate reached 58%, the passing success was more than 85%, 25 goals higher than the opponent.In the whole game, the national football team created 7 corner kick opportunities and 15 free kick opportunities, while the opponent only got 1 corner kick and 12 free kicks.