Hiddink is close to class, long-term love, and the choice of people is the main reason
Regarding the reasons for Hiddink’s departure, in addition to the apparent reasons for leading the team’s poor performance, the selection and hiring and working methods also made the parties concerned dissatisfied.Hiddink is already in talks with the Chinese Football Association for termination.Figure / exercise Due to arthritis of the right knee, Hiddink spent more than a year in his home in the Netherlands to recuperate.The reporter learned from insiders that Hiddink returned to the Netherlands at the end of the Yellowstone Invitational Tournament and is still at his Dutch home.Its termination negotiations with the Chinese Football Association are conducted through brokers “aerial”.After leading his team to the qualifying stage of the first stage of the Austrian preliminaries in March this year, Hiddink returned to the Netherlands. He did not return to China until late May. He led the team to train in Xianghe for a week to prepare for the Toulon Cup.After the Toulon Cup, he returned directly to the Netherlands from France.After returning to the Netherlands in mid-July for a short-term work report, he returned to the Netherlands and did not prepare for the Yellowstone Invitational in Xianghe until late August.Hiddink’s selection and selection have also been questioned.Figure / Osports in the Chinese Super League, the first division of the stadium, Hiddink rarely appeared, appeared on the podium even less than the national team coach Lippi.In the days when Hiddink was absent, the selection task for the Olympic Games was handed over to assistant coach Harry Sinkergraven, but the number of times to watch the game also far exceeded that of Lili’s assistant Madaloni and others.As a result, some players who perform well in the league have no chance to enter the Olympic Games, while some players who have few opportunities to play in the club can have a long-term position in the Olympic team.Since taking up the position as coach of the Olympic Games on September 10 last year, Hiddink has led the team to conduct 8 training sessions, and the number of players selected for the Olympic Games has reached 55.However, there were only 6 players who participated in all 8 training sessions, and only 10 players participated in the 7th training session, and 16 players only participated in the one-time departure.A national team with the goal of impacting the Olympic finals has experienced such a wide range of “drafts” over the course of a year, which is extremely abnormal.After training like a horse lantern, it is not surprising that the Olympic team is standing still.Editor Zhang Yunfeng proofreading Wang Xin