Twelve common psychological deficiencies

1. Narcissistic arrogant and self-respecting people who are too arrogant and self-esteem usually smash into the door of self-destruction.

  2. Emotional naiveness attracts the attention of others with naive behavior, so it is really an obstacle to combat your own career.

  3. Unrealistic expectations are great, and you ca n’t make wise estimates of your talents and potentials. If you ask too much of yourself, you will only destroy yourself.

  4. Inferiority and self-esteem: People who suffer from inferiority and inferiority can sometimes lead to ridiculous acts to prove their worth.

  5, retaliation, such a person is easy to take things easy, often resentment in his heart.

  6. Seek attention, like to be in the limelight, leave a joke to others.

The response to frowning was sweet and joyful.

  7, the pursuit of stimulating some people love to go off-peak, only after the pace of life hastened quickly, dizzy, will be happy.

But just focusing on the pursuit of pursuit often makes people lose the right judgment.

  8. The bullying complex Some people always think that their talents are not as good as others think, and they are always worried that one day they will be exposed to the truth, so that they are so guilty that they punish themselves by self-destruction.

  9. Being suspicious and narrow-minded, always wondering about the motives of others, causing people around to point away, aversion, and apathy.

  10. Middle-aged crisis Those who feel the middle-aged crisis are dissatisfied with their work and career, and become lethargic, moody, crumbled, and depressed.

  11. The character of seeking defeat Some people are born with the character of neglecting their own defeat. They are repeatedly trapped in the oppressed and defeated desperate situation, and they are unable to do anything, that is, there is a retreat in front of them, and an exit. They still turn a blind eye and refuse to use it.

  12, the lack of self-confidence in the cognition of seeking defeat, the limit is limited, I always think that I will fail, and I have the wrong expectation.