Western female stars do not want to lose weight

Guide: Many stars and models often lose weight in order to maintain a slim body. These weight loss methods are often unscientific and harmful to health.

American dieting expert Paddy Max has reappeared a few days ago. She spent many years in the film and television circle, doing dieting guides for stars and supermodels, and knowing some horrible secrets.

She said: “This is the ugly truth after the beauty.

“The horror weight loss methods of Western stars and models include: swallowing with cotton balls in orange juice and making them feel full.”

  Severe enteritis to reduce weight.

Max said: “Many models are deliberately drinking local tap water when they are on vacation in backward countries, so that they can diarrhea.

“Swallow the worms and leave it in the intestines to dissipate heat.”

  Take rhinitis potions and refreshing pills containing ephedrine.

Max said: “They believe that these drugs can help the body burn faster and suppress appetite.

However, the side effects of this kind of administration are light or dry, or uneasy, and severe strokes, heart attacks, and even death.

Take the pregnant woman’s urine and give it to herself.

Many models believe this will enhance metabolism.

  Drink a strange mixed drink, such as lemon juice with chili powder, sugar sauce, vinegar and water to vomit the stomach.

  Indulge in crying for hours to burn away the quantum.

Max said: “Some models deliberately go to see a tragic film or recall a failed relationship, so that they cry.

Once you cry, cry.

The consequence is that their emotions are becoming more and more unstable.

“Take “annorrhea” (a sedative) to appease the appetite.

Max said: “There is a model who feels hungry and takes a piece of ‘frustration’, and then watches TV.

She suddenly became very thin and lived like a walking dead.

Every time I look at the mirror again, I will not eat it once I see that the part of my body is still fat.

  After eating, vomiting and vomiting.

Max said: “This is the most popular method of vomiting.

Once I attended a dinner at a fine dining restaurant in New York, many supermodels were present.

After the meal, I walked into the bathroom and only heard that everyone in the toilet was vomiting.

“All in all, these methods of keeping skin are unhealthy and often dangerous, so it is definitely not appropriate.”

Xiaobian’s message: For the sake of career, for fame and fortune, these Western stars and models have used horrible ways to lose weight. In fact, there are many ways to lose weight. Why choose self-harm?