Ding Junhui claimed that he had already got the certificate with his girlfriend and hadn’t had time to hold a wedding banquet (photo)
Minnan.com August 15th Recently, in CCTV’s 2014 sports “Fengyunhui” summer special edition program, CCTV host Zhang Bin asked, who can you suggest, so that you have a completely different season?Ding Junhui answered his inside happily.Ding Junhui not only talked about his career, but also happily talked about having received a certificate with his girlfriend (pictured), but he has not had time to hold a wedding banquet.He said that precisely because of her careful care, he created a peaceful private space for him to help him achieve the glorious results of the five crowns last season.  Just before the recording of this issue of Fengyunhui, Zhang Bin also noticed that Ding Junhui received a call from his wife.Ding Junhui revealed happily, when his wife told him not to be nervous, pay attention to tidy up his shoes.Extended reading: Ding Junhui regrets that he did not reach the top of the world’s first ridiculous rocket. The key moment is not to force the world championship. Ding Junhui was suspended by an unfair static effect in a round of repeated games. Ding Junhui won the Chinese Open Championship. CCTV live for nearly seven hours at any cost.