Women chase men to win cheats

Type A blood girls: The straight-line approaching type A retrograde girl’s eyes are quiet and introverted and traditional, it seems that it has nothing to do with the matter of backward chasing.

But in fact, among all blood type girls, girls with blood type A are the bravest and most direct in the face of love!

Because a little high-blooded A-blooded girls will not fall in love a lot, and more time in life is often waiting for the person they like to appear.

And the personality of Type A blood people will not twist and twist, when they are certain and certain that they like someone, they will never be soft and soft after chasing GG!

The fire of desire of Type A people is the strongest of all blood types once it burns, and if it is not expressed, they will burn themselves.

In the past, during the extraordinary period of war, the most muted was silent, and as if returning to death, the type A blood man was the one who moved forward.

For girls with type A blood, chasing down boys is not terrible, and it is the most terrible that they can’t catch their love.

With this spirit of type A blood girls, once they see who they are, the other party is often difficult to escape.

  Women with type A blood with good endurance are the easiest to get men with type B blood. Girls of other blood types can only escape when they encounter type B men with sweet mouths and ambiguous flowers, but women with type A blood are most likely to be bThe good-looking words of the sportsman are moved. These sweet words will encourage them to wait for the B-boys to come back after playing.

But for men with type A blood, who are sullen and brainy, they are in a stalemate of restraint and restraint, and cannot give them the courage to persist.

  Backtracking Index: 70% must win tricks: sincere obsession The blood group boys who are most likely to chase backwards: B blood group boys The least likely to go backwards Blood boys: Type A blood boys B Type blood girls: Roundabout twists BBlood girls are fragile, sensitive and extremely feminine.

They are obviously very passive in love relationships, mainly due to the uncertainty and contradiction of their inner thoughts or the thoughts of each other.

In other words, girls with type B blood hope more for a love model with the other party as the dominant relationship.

So the probability of them chasing boys is extremely low.

In addition, even if girls with type B blood have a retrograde situation, the probability of success and ultimate happiness is not very high.

Because they are not like type A bloody women, when they have to chase backwards, they will know very clearly what they want, and they will take the lead from beginning to end, otherwise they will be in a state of visual confusion caused by emotional impulses, thusHis words and deeds led his nose away; the other was too circuitous and implicit, which might not really make him understand.

  But the greatest strength of women with type B blood is extreme tenderness.

If the other person happens to like her too, especially men of type A blood who lack monotonic changes in life, they will be confused and attracted by their fluctuating emotional performance.

For the same type of blood-changing B-boys, the two collided together like a sea of emotions. The pressure caused by too much uncertainty would make the B-woman give up.

  Backward index: 30% must win tricks: ubiquitous gentleness The most easy to go backwards blood type boys: Type A blood boys The least likely to go backwards Blood type boys: Type B blood boys Type O blood Girls: Straight back Type O bloodThe girls are cheerful and lively, and also have strong feminism in their bones. This feminism is manifested as dislike of chasing boys, mainly for their own image and face. In case they ca n’t catch up, it ‘s really too much for them.Shame.
However, when they met a guy they really liked, the other seemed to intentionally but surrounded the deadlock stage. The acute type O blood girls often couldn’t sit still. They were most afraid of deadlock and didn’t like ambiguous.

As a result, they also began to go through all kinds of love strategies and skills books, and consulted with friends who have rich experience, although often they are still confused.

However, if they really like each other, they will surely shoot quickly and find the answer first, and they will not be able to practice the long-term qigong of guessing and guessing.

Even if the result of this quick decision was not the response they wanted, it was still a second.

  O-blooded females are straightforward and aggressive, and they are more useful for O-males who are equally enthusiastic and quick. They do not like to waste unnecessary time and have the same rhythm.

As for the calm and humorous AB-type boys, the O-blood girls who are most afraid of the ink can’t do anything about it.

  Backward index: 50% must win tricks: humor and cuteness The most easy to go backwards blood type boys: O type blood boys The least likely to go backward type blood boys: AB type blood boys AB type blood girls: love drama type back type ABGirls in blood like to fall in love and also try various types of love.

For example, she has been chased by boys, so sometimes she wants to try to chase others down.

They are more tactical and essentially rehearse a perfect romantic love drama, script, lines, scenes, atmosphere, and even audiences, guests.

Will not act recklessly.

Girls of type AB blood like to chase down more like seducing each other, digging a pit and waiting for the other person to jump down. They are more subtle. They have the gentleness of type B women, but also the courage of type A women.When should it be mysterious? When should it be lively?

Compared with Da La La, the direct proportion of O-girls, they know more about how to use Roch.

  Girls with type AB blood are pursuing boys with type AB blood. They are weird people, strange people touch strange people. Type AB boys will feel that type AB girls are as gentle but mysterious as themselves, and they are naive and fickle, so they attract each other.

But for an O-type blood boy who is careless and subjective, the beauty of delicate and sensitive AB-type girls may not be understood, and he is unwilling to spend time to ponder her mind, and he is easily hurt by him.

  Backtracking Index: 50% must win Trick: Changeable and mysterious Blood group boys most likely to be chased backwards: AB type blood boys Most difficult to chase back blood type boys: O blood type boys