ESPN changes live broadcast plan reason why Durant Green’s record after the conflict
According to the American media “clutchpoints”, ESPN TV adjusted their live broadcast plan on January 19th. They were originally scheduled to broadcast the Pelicans and Trail Blazers game on this day. Now their schedule is to broadcast the Warriors and Clippers games.Cousins appeared as a warrior trainer to participate in a full training and according to the schedule with Durant 1V1, the NBA will become seven ancient games on January 19th, followed by Celtics vs Grizzlies (home team in front), Pistons vs Heat, Magic vs Nets, Timberwolves vs Spurs, Jazz vs Cavaliers, Clippers vs Warriors vs Trail Blazers vs Pelicans.  Originally, ESPN’s plan was to broadcast the Pelicans’ home game against the Trail Blazers. Now they have adjusted their live broadcast plan to broadcast the Clippers’ home game against the Warriors. Some games are kicked off at 11:30.Reasons for ESPN to change the live broadcast plan or come back for Cousins Normally, TV stations change the live broadcast plan mainly to consider the attractiveness of the game.Obviously, everyone wants to see the Warriors game because they are arguably the best team in the league.In addition, DeMarcus Cousins may come back this month. He hasn’t played since he was injured in a game against the Rockets on January 27 last year.  Cousins suffered a severe injury of Achilles tendon rupture last season, when he was still playing for the Pelicans. This injury also affected his renewal of the contract with the Pelicans and the market in the entire NBA. In the end, he was at a low price.After joining the Warriors, whether they can become the Warriors can provide the best chance to win the championship. The reset is also because the Warriors can rest assured to recuperate without worrying about returning.  In the Air Force news, there has been news that Cousins is fighting 1-1 with Durant during training. It is said that Cousins is still dunking on Durant’s head, which sounds really good.  However, Cole also said that it is still not sure when Cousins can really come back to play, but there is no doubt that his participation in the full training is the most positive signal.This shows that he is very close to the comeback.  Of course, how Cousins feels after training is also the key. If everything goes well, then the comeback is indeed just around the corner.  Cousins has been able to participate in full training recently, which shows that he is really close to comeback, it is difficult to believe that ESPN got inside information about Cousins’ recovery, but fans may think ESPN changed the live broadcast plan to be with CousinRelated.  Subsequently, in the game where the Warriors lost to the Clippers on November 13 last year, Kevin Durant and Draymond Green had a dispute at the last minute of the fourth quarter, and their conflict continued into the locker room.  Not sure whether the conflict between Durant and Green affected the Warriors. Anyway, including that game, they have only won 13 wins and 12 losses. That leads to their current record of only 25 wins and 14 losses. Original title: Cousins resumes full training for the first time.