China’s men’s basketball team
Li Nan, the first coach of the world competition, heard the sound of Wukesong’s class.This version of photography / sauna, night net Wu Jiang frustrated people frustrated front from the basketball association chairman Yao Ming to the audience, the expression of everyone is disappointed and worried.  Once a month, when the draw result of this year’s Basketball World Cup is released, even pessimistic fans think that the Chinese men’s basketball team can break through the group stage with a high probability. For a considerable number of people, the Chinese men’s basketball team will be promoted with a victory of 3 games.In the rematch, there is even a chance to break into the quarterfinals.  The reality is far cruel than imagined. Overtime defeated the Polish team and lost to the Venezuelan team in the final game. The Chinese men’s basketball team only won the third place in the group and missed the top 16.Tens of thousands of live fans who have always been the backing of the Chinese men’s basketball team screamed “Li Nan is out of class” in unison.It is undeniable that Ding Yanyuhang and Zhou Peng’s withdrawal due to injury did affect the strength of this Chinese men’s basketball team, but getting such a serious result in front of their homes has really made it difficult for hundreds of millions of fans.  ● Preparation for the signing and home rescue Chinese team Chinese men ‘s basketball team is the host of the World Cup. In the context of the FIBA ‘s major reform of the world basketball tournament, when other teams are tired of coping with the schedule-intensive qualifiers, the Chinese men ‘s basketball team feels at easeAfter training the team, the red and blue teams took turns participating in the qualifiers, the Asian Cup and the Asian Games, which allowed some outstanding young players to quickly emerge. Last year’s Asian Games won the championship, which also made the outside world full of confidence in the prospect of the Chinese men’s World Cup.  In March this year, the team opponents of the Chinese men’s basketball team came out, C?te d’Ivoire, Poland, Venezuela, which is almost the best group the host can get.Looking at several other Asian teams, the South Korean team is about to die, Argentina, Russia, the Philippines, Serbia and Italy, the Japanese team, the Iran team and the United States, Spain and two championship teams have encountered.Looking back now, the “sign” of Group A is more like that prepared for Poland and Venezuela.  Such a favourable relationship with each other, so that the Chinese men’s basketball team has enough confidence to shout out before the game “the lowest goal is Olympic qualification, and strive to reach the World Cup top 8.”  The first unlucky victory against the Ivorian team made the Chinese men’s basketball team the Asian team with the best chance to qualify for the Olympics.In the next two group matches, the Chinese team made consecutive mistakes. First, they lost to the Polish team in overtime due to consecutive low-level mistakes. In the face of the Venezuelan team, they were even beaten by their opponents. They lost the battle of life and death.  ”Everyone is very anxious to win this game, but reflected on the field, the mentality is too anxious, the performance difference between the first half and the second half is too big.”In the battle with the Venezuelan team, Fang Shuo scored the highest 13 points in the team. He said after the game,” It is a pity to lose the game, but there is no time to regret it. There is still a game behind. We have to keep the best results we can achieve.”● Inside advantage turned into a disadvantage. The basket suffered an explosion. In the past, every time the Chinese men’s basketball team was quoted, everyone first thought of the absolute inside height. A series of warm-up matches before the start of this World Cup, Yi Jianlian, Zhou Qi, Wang Zhelin’s three inside lines are stillThe mainstay of the team, even in the face of the world’s traditional powerhouse Brazilian men’s basketball team, the Chinese team played well.  However, when the World Cup officially kicked off, the three group stage opponents frequently pointed to the inside height and deterrence of the Chinese team. This is both a respect and from another perspective, they also conducted in-depth research on the Chinese team ‘s style of play, andCombined with their own characteristics to make sufficient preparations.  The Polish team does not have Gortat, Lampe two inside tyrants help out, and can still get a combination of Hrykanyuk and Barcherovsky’s old and small inside lines, which withstood the Chinese team’s inside line.Venezuela is one of the shortest teams in the World Cup average height. They have won 21 rebounds against the Chinese team.  In the post-match press conference, the difference in rebounds between the Chinese team and the Venezuelan team was repeatedly cited. The opponent led 49 to 28, especially the frontcourt rebound. The Venezuelan team led 20 to 10.In Li Nan’s view, the problem lies in many aspects. “After the opponent shot, our response was not fast enough, and our vigilance was not high enough. In addition, the opponent took more consecutive jumps, and there would be no advantage in confrontation.We talked a lot before the game, but when we actually did it, it was good and bad.”● The two major personnel will be injured to stop the front line into a weakness. Since the Chinese men’s basketball team began training in May, the list of 12 people has been the focus of attention from the outside world.After several layoffs and the injuries of Ding Yanyuhang, Zhou Peng and other players, it was not determined until the last moment.At present, the coaching staff finally did not bring Shen Zijie’s decision, which really needs to be discussed.  One is the MVP of the regular season, and the other is the captain of the Chinese men’s basketball team for many years. Ding Yanyuhang and Zhou Peng were originally the absolute main force of the team. In the past few major games, the coaching staff often relied on these two fronts.However, the former injury injury and the injury of the foot inserted before the competition made the coaching staff a dilemma, and the hidden danger of “front weakness” was buried.  As the main striker of this Chinese men’s basketball team, Zhai Xiaochuan played extremely hard in the case of injuries, especially in defeating the Ivory Coast team in the first game, Zhai Xiaochuan contributed.However, in the position of the striker, the coaching staff did not give Abdul Salaam, Kelan Baike too many opportunities, the advantage position of the Chinese team itself has become a weakness.  ● Lun Shuai insisted that the five-back tactics remain controversial Sun Minghui took the 12-person list “last train”. At that time, some media predicted that the configuration of the five-back may bring surprises to the Chinese men’s basketball team.The reality is that in front of the world’s top guards, no extra guard rotation can guarantee the team’s advantage in the backcourt.  Has successively played against the Polish team, Venezuela, the former naturalized defender Slaughter and the other side Guriente, and gave the Chinese team guard a lesson.  Fang Shuo said that several defenders of the Chinese team also have their own characteristics. Some people are good at organization, some have strong breakthrough capabilities, and some are good at shooting. “In the team, we have always sought a more team approach.Playing against the top guards of the world’s best teams is also a learning process, and we really have a long way to go.”Head coach Li Nan admits that there is indeed a big gap between the defenders of the Chinese team and their opponents.” In addition to height, players need to improve their physical fitness. In terms of speed, strength and confrontation, we do have gaps.Everyone has been trying to change the status quo, but there has never been a gap.”In addition to the realistic differences between the players, there is also a lot of controversy in the formation of the coaching staff.Although Guo Ailun, Fang Shuo, Zhao Jiwei, and Sun Minghui all played brilliantly in individual games or at certain time periods in the game, more rotations have affected the team ‘s tactics to a certain extent, from the free throw line to the three-point line.The level of performance was so bad that it eventually led the Chinese team to surround such an awkward situation.  Writing / Sauna, Ye Wang Xu Bangyin