Dietary therapy for 5 common diseases in summer

Guide: In the summer, there are many common diseases that are easy to attack, such as: hepatitis, cirrhosis, urinary tract infection, amenorrhea and epidemic conjunctivitis, etc., and the wind is less rainy, prone to sweating, leading to physiological disorders, causing the following diseases, thenHow to adjust, the following old Chinese medicine poor students recommend the diet therapy for common summer diseases, people can use these diet therapy for conditioning.

First, nephritis and nephritis are caused by streptococcal infection, so the season of streptococcal infection is also the season of nephritis.

In the chronic north, winter and spring are the most common seasons of laryngitis, upper respiratory tract infection, and tonsillitis, so more than 90% of acute nephritis occurs in these two seasons.

In the south, the summer climate is hot and humid, and there are many mosquitoes. After biting the skin, it is easy to cause skin infections, and it is also prone to skin edema. So, in the south, 30%?
80% of acute nephritis occurs in the summer.

1, dry ginger tea materials: 3 grams of dried ginger, 6 grams of green tea.

System usage: Add 2 flavors to the cup, brew with boiling water, and mix with tea.

2 doses per day.

Efficacy: spleen, Tongyang, Lishui.

Indications: systemic edema of acute nephritis, physical distress, chest tightness, poor appetite, full of thirst and so on.

2, red bean winter melon soup materials: red bean 60?
90 grams.
300 grams of melon meat.

System usage: Shuijianbi.

1 dose per day.

Efficacy: heat and detoxification, diuretic swelling.

Indications: headache, fever of acute nephritis, redness and swelling of the throat, pain, cough and shortness of breath, thirst, drinking, edema, and oliguria.

3, the anterior porridge material: 30-60 grams of fresh anterior leaves, l white stalks, 100 grams of rice.

System usage: Wash the chopped leaves in front of the car, chop the scallion, add water decoction, go to the slag, add the washed rice porridge to take.

1 dose per day, even for 7 days.

Efficacy: wind, heat, water.

Indications: fever, sore throat, eyelid edema, low back pain, urinary yellow and so on.

Second, cirrhosis Cirrhosis is a common chronic liver disease caused by long-term or repeated effects of one or more causes, causing diffuse damage to the liver.

Clinically, due to the deterioration of liver function metabolism, there may be no obvious symptoms; in the later stage, there are multiple systems involved, with liver function damage and portal hypertension as the main manifestations, and frequent gastrointestinal bleeding, hepatic encephalopathy, secondary infection, cancer, etc.Serious complications.

1, garlic wine materials: 20-30 head of single head garlic (or 1 year old by patient), wine (8 parts of sweet wine, 2 parts of white wine).

System usage: peel the garlic, put it in the container, add the wine to the degree of immersion, soak in the summer and expose it to the night, and warm the clothes in the morning; in the winter, the garlic will be cooked for a while, go to the garlic to drink, and after the fart,After the stool is discharged, the ascites can be eliminated.

Efficacy: Lishui swelling.

Indications: cirrhosis ascites.

2, red bean carp soup materials: 120 grams of red bean, squid l (400 grams), seasoning amount.

System usage: Take the soup according to the common method, 1 dose per day.

Efficacy: Qingrejiedu, Buzhongyiqi, diuresis and swelling.

Indications: cirrhosis ascites.
3, ginger jujube Yin Chen soup materials: jujube 6 pieces, dried ginger 5 grams, Yin Chen 12 grams, 50 grams of brown sugar.

System usage: Shuijianbi.
2 doses a day, even for 15?

Efficacy: clearing heat and dampness, nourishing the liver and protecting the liver, retreating yellow and reducing inflammation.

Indications: cirrhosis, jaundice hepatitis.
Third, urinary tract infection This disease is caused by gonococcal infection caused by inflammation of the urethra and reproductive tract mucosa.

Because the disease is caused by bacteria melting fertilizer urinary system, including urethritis, cystitis and pyelitis, clinical fever, chills, waist pain, frequent urination, urgency, urinary tract irritation, pyuria and bacteriuria as the main performanceBecause of the physiological characteristics of women (the urethra is short and wide, adjacent to the vagina, etc.), this disease is particularly common in women and girls.

If the acute phase is completely and thoroughly controlled, it is easy to switch to chronic and recurrent.

1, sunflower stem soup materials: sunflower stems with white pulp 15?
30 grams.
System usage: Wash and chop the sunflower stems, add water to fry two or three boiling (do not fry more), take the soup to drink.

1 dose per day, 2 times serving.

Efficacy: heat and dampness, stop bleeding.

Indications: urinary pain (including urinary tract infections, urinary calculi).

2, goose sausage soup materials: goose sausage (also known as turmeric) 90 grams (dry goods 30 grams).

System usage: Shuijianbi.
1 dose per day, 2 times serving.

Efficacy: heat and detoxification, diuretic.

Indications: acute urinary tract infections.

3, double feed material: sugar cane juice, 100 ml of raw oyster sauce.

System usage: Mix the above 2 flavors, take 2 times, and take 1 dose per day.

Efficacy: clearing heat and cooling blood, dampness and drenching.

Indications: hypothermia, bladder toxic urinary tract infection, symptoms of urgency, frequent urination, urinary tract pain, incontinence, bloating, nausea, vomiting, poor appetite, heavy body fatigue, thirst, not drinking, afternoonLow fever, urinary yellow and so on.

Fourth, amenorrhea amenorrhea is a common symptom of gynecological diseases.

Due to the abnormal climate change in the summer season, the visceral dysfunction and qi and blood run disorder, which aggravates the “menstrual period” discomfort, leading to menstrual disorders and amenorrhea.

1, mountain orange soup materials: raw mountain meat 30 grams, brown sugar right amount.

System usage: Shuijianbi.
1 dose per day, even 5?
7 doses.

Efficacy: breaking the slag, eliminating the accumulation of stagnation.

Indications: qi stagnation and blood stasis type amenorrhea.

2, Xiangcha vegetable soup materials: fragrant tea dishes (produced in Jiangnan, also known as snake pass tube, iron water chestnut) whole grass and root 30 grams.

System usage: Wash and chop the fragrant tea, add water, and take half a decoction.

1 dose per day.
Efficacy: blood circulation, silt, pass through.

Indications: qi stagnation and blood stasis type amenorrhea.
3, two safflower tea materials: 30 grams of medlar, 24 grams of scorpion, 10 grams of safflower.

System usage: Add the top 3 flavors to the teapot, brew with boiling water, and mix with tea.

1 dose per day.
Efficacy: Bushen Yigan, Huoxuetongjing.

Indications: liver and kidney yin deficiency type closed essence.

Fifth, epidemic conjunctivitis Epidemic conjunctivitis is what we often call “red eye disease.”

This is a highly contagious eye disease that is most prevalent in spring and summer, mainly through contact infections, such as frequent intimate contact, shared towels, swimming in the pool, etc.

1, oyster sauce materials: fresh simmer, a small amount of salt.

System usage: Wash the sputum, peel and smash, sip the juice, add salt and mix thoroughly, and wash the eyes.
2-3 times a day.

Efficacy: clearing away heat and detoxification, swelling.

Indications: heat-toxic acute conjunctivitis.

2, dandelion soup materials: fresh dandelion 30-60 grams.

System usage: Wash the dandelion, add water to decoction, and wash the eyes with a medicated juice.

3 times a day.
Efficacy: clearing away heat and detoxification, swelling and dispersing.

Indications: heat-toxic acute conjunctivitis, obvious eye redness, burning shame, headache, eye pain, tears and other substitutes.

3, pomegranate leaves outside washing materials: fresh pomegranate young leaves 30 grams.

System usage: Wash the pomegranate leaves, put them into the pot, add a bowl of water, fry until half a bowl, go to the slag, filter and simmer, use as eye-washing agent, wash your eyes frequently.

Efficacy: hurricane swelling.

Indications: wind-heat type acute conjunctivitis.